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More About Dr. Flash


I'm proud to be the founder of HearingEducation and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) along with Kathy Peck. 

I've served on the national board of directors of Doctors Ought to Care (DOC). They've been working on banning tobacco advertising for decades, and are a pioneer at using humor to fight the tobacco industry. 

Previously, I was director of the haight-ashbury free medical clinic's medical section, where i spent a number of years telling folks about safe sex, among other things. 

I also did event medicine with the haight free clinic's rock medicine section. 

In the past, I was active in emergency medicine, and was director of the emergency residency program at San Francisco General Hospital (mission emergency). I did my emergency medicine training in downtown Detroit, at Henry Ford Hospital.


i wrote for northern california's citybike magazine for years: my first book, blood,sweat, and gears: ramblings on citybike logomotorcycling and medicine, was a collection of these columns. unfortunately, it's out of print at this time.


my new book is blood, sweat & 2nd gear: more medicine for motorcyclists. it's available from whitehorse press or from amazon.

i was a columnist for motorcycle consumer® news, too. many of those columns have been included in BS2G (above).


i've been online since 1980 or so, when i signed up for the source while living in boston. as far as i know, it doesn't exist anymore (the source, not boston).

in 1985 i joined the Well. I hosted the medical conference, jokes, and men on the well. I also founded and hosted sailing, motorcycling and flying conferences, too. and before the electronic frontier foundation started, i sent john perry barlow's piece about his visit from agent baxter to my friend john gilmore. john (gilmore) says it helped him connect to barlow and to mitch kapor, resulting in the EFF. i'm particularly proud to have even a little involvement with such a great organization.

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